Mantova Diesel Rental Advantages of Rental

Vehicle rental: comfortable and advantageous

Taking into consideration all the necessities of the clients, Mantova Diesel now offers another option as an alternative to leasing and loans: short, medium and long term rental of industrial and commercial vehicles.

Being alleviated by numerous tasks and service warranty are the most immediate and tangible advantages of this solution.

Why Renting? Here is what we considered:

  1. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  2. Proprietary Tax, fire and theft insurance
  3. Roadside assistance, assistance with accidents and towing
  4. Third Party Rental
  5. Considerable time saving
  6. Ability to deal with sudden peak workload
  7. Avoid tying up capital & having to deal with banks
  8. Depreciation of the vehicle


  • Vehicles used for sudden peak workloads
  • Immediate need of a vehicle with a specific equipment


The only task left for the client is to worry about the rental, which has the following advantages:

  • Maintenance and repairs are included in the rental
  • Periodic reviewal of the vehicle fleet that leads to less downtime
  • Replacement vehicle in case of extended downtime
  • It is an alternative to owing, that gives the opportunity of utilizing a good without having to access financing
  • Capital is not tied up, which allows to free up economical resources that can be utilized for other investments
  • All the operations and costs of the vehicle (registration fee, insurance, tire inspection) are now being transferred on the leaser