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After sales

After sales service: friendly and efficient.

In the continuous development of our customer loyalty program, providing after-sales service is a fundamental commitment of Mantova Diesel to allow those who buy a commercial or industrial vehicle to maximize the enjoyment of their investment.

The company organization makes it possible to manage a customer service system such that it supports customers even after they purchase the vehicle, provides information and meets additional requirements, if any, fully sharing the goals stipulated during the business phases.

Punctual service, customer care, facilitating the process with competence, courtesy and professionalism: these are the paramount aims of the company, aims we have been achieving successfully for over 30 years. We respect those who invest their money and put their trust in the choice of Mantova Diesel as a reliable and safe business partner for the purchase of a commercial or industrial vehicle.


Exclusively for those who purchase used commercial or industrial vehicles from Mantova Diesel’s large fleet, the company provides any spare part that might become necessary at prices that are definitely advantageous. The opportunity of huge savings applies to all types of spare parts, original or competition, marked mainly by the Italian manufacturer Iveco.

If the requested part is not in stock, it is specially ordered and delivered promptly to the customer's premises.

Choosing parts at the origin that are excellent in terms of quality and price: in the sale of spare parts, as in the sale of vehicles, the experience of Mantova Diesel makes a difference

Doubts? Requests? Parts that need to be changed? Technical problems?
Turn on the engine and turn everything else off: Mantova Diesel will take care of it for you.

Mantova Diesel. Drive your choice.