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Financial consulting

Request for a financing plan: simple and customized.

In order to assist our customers in all phases of the buying process, Mantova Diesel offers a professional and transparent financial consultation service.

In fact we have signed agreements with leading Italian financial groups, which is a guarantee of total reliability, to offer customized solutions and assist you in selecting the plan with the best value for you.

On the basis of its experience and expertise in this business, Mantova Diesel can shed light on all the advantages pertaining to financing and financial leasing and recommend the operations most suitable to the specific situation and goals of the customer.

These forms of payment, in addition to being safe, planned and highly flexible, are also tax deductible.

Below you will find three practical cases of leasing provided as an example for the sake of clarity:

  1. 47 installments of € 380.00; advance € 4,000.00; financed amount € 20,000.00 + VAT
  2. 59 installments of € 483.00; advance € 6,000.00; financed amount of € 30,000.00 + VAT
  3. 59 installments of € 640.00; advance € 8,000.00; financed amount of € 40,000.00 + VAT

As an alternative to purchase, Mantova Diesel also offers the medium and long term rental of the commercial or industrial vehicle you want.

Calculations? Comparisons? Projections? Procedures?
Turn on the engine and turn everything else off: Mantova Diesel will take care of it for you.

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