Mantova Diesel Services Options and fittings

Options and fittings

Vehicle fittings: versatile and customized.

Ongoing collaborations established over the years with major companies specializing in the manufacture of custom versions of commercial and industrial vehicles have enabled Mantova Diesel to offer its vehicles with certain equipment to meet a diversity of individual operative needs specific to each sector of the economy such as construction, ecology, food and many more.

Uponrequest, we will supply and install new options built to design oradapted from existing options to meet specific customer needs; then ourtechnical office will walk you through the entire bureaucratic process ofgetting the customized vehicle through inspection.

To change or alter an option, look no further. Used, new, custom: Mantova Diesel has thought of everything you need, even this

Size? Compatibility? Transformation? Assembly?
Turn on the engine and turn everything else off: Mantova Diesel will take care of it for you.

Mantova Diesel. Drive your choice.


As for used versions, subject to availability on the company lot, you canchoose between:

Interchangeable equipment with hook

Dump trucks

Dump trucks with crane




Refrigerated vans

Open box with crane