Mantova Diesel Rental Mantova Diesel Noleggi

Mantova Diesel Noleggi

Mantova Diesel Noleggi joins Mantova Diesel, that has established itself as a benchmark enterprise throughout Europe in the purchase and sale of industrial and commercial vehicles.

The company is based in Mantua, a strategic location just 4 km from the Mantova Nord motorway exit, on via Giordano di Capi16, it occupies an area of 35,000 m2 of which approximately 3,000 m2 is indoors.

The entrepreneurial experience of a company that has been active on the market for over 30 years, combined with professional ethics based on the principles of reliability, respect and transparency, have allowed Mantova Diesel to structure itself as an open and dynamic company, able to manage its skills in a way that generate significant benefits for the customer.

As a further guarantee of safety and reliability since 2002 Mantova Diesel has adopted a quality management system certified by TÜV Italia, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, with Certificate No. 50 100 22 81.

Mantova Diesel Noleggi operates in the short, medium and long term rental of the different commercial and industrial vehicles range.

Alleviate clients of tasks and provide them with service warranty represent the most immediate and tangible advantages that Mantova Diesel Noleggi offers.

As a matter of fact Mantova Diesel Noleggi focuses its attention on providing customers with great satisfaction and makes this its core value.

The whole bureaucratic procedure is conducted honestly and politely by Mantova Diesel Noleggi staff, who drew up a simple, clear and transparent rental contract.