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About us

Professionalism, commitment, passion: since 1975, these values have imprinted an indelible mark on the core business of Mantova Diesel, a leading international company in the purchase and sale of used commercial and industrial vehicles.

The business experience of a company that has been active on the market for over 30 years, combined with a professional ethic based on the principles of reliability, respect and transparency, have allowed Mantova Diesel to structure itself as an open and dynamic company, able to manage its know-how in a way that generates significant benefits for the customer through a complex, versatile and skillfully organizedmanagement system.

The Services section illustrates in detail a complete overview of opportunities designed to help those who choose our company.

A major player on the national and international stage where it operates, Mantova Diesel has always promoted the synergy of competencies it has acquired over the years with the innovative skills of continuous study, to respond successfully to changing market conditions. In this sense "innovation" means to know and then act accordingly.

From this perspective, applying human resources, technology and materials to the steadfast search for solutions in order to anticipate the various needs of customers and provide them with the greatest satisfaction is the primary goal of our operation.

Building on three decades of experience and an activity aimed at expanding its business partnerships, Mantova Diesel has established itself as a benchmark enterprise throughout Europe in the purchase and sale of industrial and commercial vehicles.

A company that is solid yet always on the move, Mantova Diesel has a lot of used vehicles packed with more than a hundred vehicles, and another hundred vehicles arriving, with a continuous turnover. In the Vehicles section you can view all the models with photos and technical descriptions, frequently updated to include the latest arrivals and special offers.

The company is based in Mantua, a strategic location just 4 km from the Mantova Nord motorway exit, onviaGiordanodiCapi16; it occupies an area of 35,000 m2 of which approximately 3,000 m2 is indoors. It also has a representative office in Milan, on Via Pietrasanta12. More details can be found under Contact us.

As a further guarantee of safety and reliability since 2002 Mantova Diesel has adopted a quality management system for quality certified by TÜV Italia, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, with Certificate No. 50 100 22 81 - see Certification.